Investment (= “Pricing”)

We call the pricing for your portrait experience an “investment”. Why?

The answer is simple: Because in five, ten, twenty or even a hundred years from now, your printed portraits will be priceless – a priceless everlasting legacy. A unique moment in time, captured at your very personal portraiture session. A classy piece of art, set to live on forever.

Our archival fine art prints are museum-quality grade and certified for 300 years – prints of timeless art that will outlive us all.

Our archival fine art prints are museum-quality grade and certified for 300 years – prints of timeless art that will outlive us all.

Session Prices (no photos included)

Our in-studio sessions include a personal planning session, professional hair & makeup, wardrobe styling assistance, 2-5 outfit changes, up to 5 hours session time, retouching process, and an in-person viewing session of your beautiful portraits.

“Lux Session” – € 495*

4-5 Outfits, 4-5 hours for the complete experience
*incl. € 200 credit towards image purchase

“Mini Session” – € 295

2 Outfits, 2-3 hours for the complete experience

Print products are purchased separately.

We will discuss options and offers during our free in-person pre-shoot consultation. Note that there is no need to make any decisions at that time! We will shoot first and you will choose your prints and package during your viewing session.

Why Prints?

Presentation and preservation of your portraits is so important. Why? Because they are, and will increasingly become, one of your most treasured possessions. It is what you will pass down to generations.

That is why each of our purchased portraits are printed and matted. Collections are placed in a luxury folio boxes complete with your digital files on a USB drive.

We believe your portraits deserve it!

Print Products

Our exclusive, high class, “basic” product is a FolioBox. Beautiful matted portrait prints are kept safe and private in this gorgeous handcrafted box. You can display the prints on an easel, frame them in any standard frames, or individually gift them to someone special; your parents, your children, your partner. We offer different variants of material (wood, fabric, leatherette, or exclusive finest Italian leather), sizes and colors.

We can also create a beautiful album for you, or a gallery wall of beautiful canvases, or highly exclusive (= unique) vintage wall frames in any size you choose.

Regarding the pricing: Some clients spend € 900, others spend € 5,000 for their beautiful portraits – what package (or single prints) you buy is entirely up to you and there is absolutely no hard sell, no minimum purchase or any obligation to buy afterwards.

Again, the choice is entirely yours, and we will discuss your preferences at your pre-shoot consultation.

Digital Files

You will get all the digital photos that you purchase in print form on a USB stick with their copyrights as a gift!